Saga (Part 1)

The only reason I haven’t already written like 5 posts about Saga is because I don’t like to write about things I haven’t finished reading (except that post about stuff that’s hard to read, and even then I’d still rather write having read the whole thing so I can judge fully and fairly) but I can’t finish it because it’s still ongoing. And there’s no end in sight (in a good way). So we’ll call this post #1 of a TBD number of posts.


THE ART IS SO GOOD. (Fiona Staples is amazing.)

THE STORY IS SO GOOD. (This is my first Brian K. Vaughan but I will definitely read more.)

Are you not reading Saga already? Definitely start right now. I’ll wait. I’m kind of jealous of you because that means you can read the first 40 issues all at once instead of having to wait a painfully long month for each new issue to come out.

I’m in love with pretty much everyone in this story, just fyi. The characters are all interesting and complicated and believably human (but not literally human). Cause there are no humans here. There is such a variety of everything though! Of species! Of orientations! Of genders! Of skin colors! IT’S SO GOOD.

Perhaps my favorite of the characters though, is Lying Cat. Which is basically just a giant cat that accompanies an assassin and serves as a real-time, living lie detector. Somehow it also manages to be sassy and endearing. I can’t really explain it¬†especially since it also kind of looks like a hybrid between a Sphynx cat and a monster.img_0390

The plot of the series is entirely too expansive to try to explain here. But the setting is sort of like Star Wars (lots of different planets and races getting roped into a war that doesn’t innately¬†concern them) + Romeo and Juliet (except instead of families hating each other, it’s their entire species who are at war with each other) + civil war (not necessarily The Civil War so much as any war that occurs on shared land that couldn’t/shouldn’t be destroyed except in this case instead of having to live on bloodied/salted/radioactive land, they can’t blow each other up because they are dependent upon each other for gravity).

More to come.