Dr. Who Should Never Make Me This Angry

Okay Steven Moffat, you win. I give up. I hate you.

I have long had friends who hated you for your convoluted folding-in-on-themselves-and-never-making-sense plots, for your poor character development, for the things you say in real life. And I’ve been forgiving you for so long because you do a lot of things that I love – Dr. Who, obviously, but also Sherlock and way back in the day Coupling.

Without really having anyone in particular in mind that I would like to play the next Doctor – partially because I’m just not ready to say goodbye to Matt Smith – I had gotten my hopes up about this time the doctor being something other than a white dude. I would have liked to see a person of color. Or a woman. Or a woman of color. Or, I donno, a dog. But it’s been a long time with white dudes considering that the entire premise of the character is that the Doctor regenerate completely – they have different hair color, eye color, accents from various parts of England and according to Neil Gaiman it’s canon that the Doctor is also able to change genders.

So I was already a little disappointed that you picked another white dude. But then you said this idiotic thing: “I like that Helen Mirren has been saying the next doctor should be a woman. I would like to go on record and say that the Queen should be played by a man.” You do realize that you are the show runner of a Sci-Fi series, right? Not a real regenerating alien who you are trying to find a look-alike for in casting.

Then I did some research and it just got worse, and worse and worse. All ladies – both real and fictional – are love-sick, baby-making machines to you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to keep watching Doctor Who (because I need to see how Islington is doing) but I’m going to be watching it uncomfortably. And hoping that they replace you soon. *Fingers crossed*


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