This is just a list of things I love about winter since, for the first time all year and probably only briefly, it feels like winter in Texas. Because, you guys, I love winter. I love that it’s full of holidays and (in other places) snow. And, for most of us, time off of work and school to remember what it’s like to be irresponsible humans.

It’s important to note that I live in Texas where Winter is an idea (we have Christmas trees and wear sweaters) but it’s not a season. It’s supposed to be in the low 80s again by next week. Needless to say, Winter here is sad at best.

This year, I’m extra excited because Austin has brought back the Trail of Lights. Which they have had to cancel for the last couple of years (I guess stringing up a million lights for a month is expensive or something). So that’s a thing to drink mulled wine and then go to. It shall be delightful.

And on top of that, I get to go to a Christmas cookie party, throw a wintry-housewarming party and, hopefully, wear a couple of hideous sweaters.

So, in honor of my current delight, here is a slightly early Christmas card for all of you, stolen from Neil Gaiman and courtesy of Vimeo:

I should probably apologize for liking creepy things and not warning you, huh?